Things this daddy is thinking about on a Sunday night with a 2yo and one month old…

Ah, it’s the weekend.

Me, my wife, our son and a newborn baby.

So much to do, yet so little energy.  I hear this never changes.  Yikes.

Here are the things that I am thinking about right now;

To the person holding the cure for cancer, the common cold, and the key to female happiness, I need you to either put up or shut up. I need that key!  I’ve had enough of all three of those.

My beloved Maple Leafs beat the Buffalo Sabres 4-1 last night. In Buffalo… Really? I’m still in shock and thinking about it a day later. WOW.  They never win in Buffalo…  I’ve never been to Buffalo.  WOW.

Sometimes turkey IS better cold.  It’s that time!  I’m also not referring to the bird.  I’m secretly referring to some very bad habits that I have which I have put a stop to as of today, including my umteenth attempt to stop biting my fingernails.  I’m following a very destructive pattern – have my whole life – and I cannot move forward until I change my ways.  Someone told me that with sacrifice comes success.  I’ll bet they were not sleep deprived at that time, however…

This morning while at swimming lessons with my almost 2-year-old, at the Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre I couldn’t help but notice that there are a lot of much younger Dads around who have way more hair and are way skinnier than me, but there are also way less Dads enjoying their kids as much as I am right now.  My son is having a blast!  Lots of kicking, diving off the side and dunking himself under the water.  I hope he get used to the water and really loves swimming like I used to.

14-6 Argos over the Bombers at half-time. Yay! I have a bunch of friends from Winnipeg who really need the Bombers to win in order to keep bragging rights. Since the Jets left (and I guarantee they will be back!) football is all the Winnipeggers have left. These particular supporters root for anyone but the Toronto Maple Leafs in hockey…

Today I finally cooked the collard I grew in the garden this summer – for those unaware, collard is tough like kale, but smells like cabbage when cooked. Very high in iron! I made an egg-white collard and mushroom omelette with a touch of shredded marble cheese on it, and a small baked potato stuffed with collard, potato and sour cream mash. It was fantastic!

I have a LOT of stuff to do this week. A LOT. I’m going to need to make a list.  I’m just SO tired all the time…

I actually have to go into work this Tuesday morning for the first time since my parental leave began on October 7th, so I can pick up some papers relating to my leave that they forgot to give me and I actually have to complete some time sheets in order to get paid. Seems my esteemed team leader didn’t prepare well enough in advance for me and now I have to go in and fix he negligance… Good job! My estimated date for return to that place is January 4th, the same date that I begin my next 2 MBA courses – so I’m still hoping to parlay my graduate degree into freedom from the government since I’m finding many roadblocks to someone who worked in the government so long and wants so badly to escape!

Oops… Look at the time. It’s past 3pm, and Linus is due to awake from his nap any minute!  I’m going to prepare his snack and get him ready for some afternoon play time with his daddy.

Yup, one last point… Err, observation.

For about 10 years, I have had long black sideburns attached to my face – right down to my earlobe.  Thinned out, not crazy so it looks like their have a life of their own, but they fit my face well, I believe.  Of these last 10 years, 5 of them included my, ahem, current wife (and only wife), so I suspected that when I shaved them off 2-weeks ago that she would notice and make a comment.  At first I thought I was going to have to grow them back and colour them yellow for her to make a comment, however, as I site here ready for play time with my son – after just spewing out all these things in my mind – I think if my head fell off right now, she wouldn’t notice.  I’m exhausted, but I didn’t push a child out of me.  She must be 100 times worse.

It does get better right?


One thought on “Things this daddy is thinking about on a Sunday night with a 2yo and one month old…

  1. penelopeto November 7, 2006 / 1:36 pm

    lol about the sideburns – chris got a (pretty extreme) haircut after bee was born and i didn’t notice for a week!


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