What I forgot from one child to the next

After child number one, Linus was born, every little thing was new and amazing.  So now here we are the second time through and Stewie is 5 days old and he’s already doing things that I do not remember.  As well, there have been some really nice, supportive people who have appeared in our lives to make things a little easier.

For example;

I don’t remember Linus trying to roll over at 4 days old, like the new baby, Stewie does…

Or, Linus smiling at me at 4 days old (eventhough UrbanMummy insists it is just gas)…

Linus did NOT breastfeeding this well…

I do not recall having so much food in the fridge and freezer (thanks to some great planning by UM so we’d have food I could make so we can actually eat)…

I totally do not remember the belly-button cord stinking so horribly as it rots and falls off. UGH.

The first time around there was no one so thoughtful as to bring by bran muffins for UrbanMummy for after birth issues. Our neighbours and friends brought by a batch of them – still warm – and they were “warmly” received. From this day forth, we will try to so the same for new Moms. What a thoughful, caring gesture…

So many offers of “anything we need, anytime”, from so many friends, families and fellow bloggers.  For example, the very kind Haley-O of Cheaty Monkey fame has offered no less than 4 times.   She rocks!  Once she de-toxes, I see a coffee visit, since I am off work for the next 3 months…

I don’t remember UrbanMummy being this proud about something she has accomplished (since making it down the aisle). She was AWESOME! The next day she was up and walking around. This woman ran a marathon and came out on top. She worked hard this pregnancy to make sure the birth was not as complicated as Linus’ and because of her determination, it was no where near as difficult.  A home birth with no meds… Way to go UM!!! I’m so proud of you…

It’s nice to not care about what is going on at the office and getting back in touch with so many people that I lost touch with since Linus was born, 22 months ago.

Is it possible to be so damn happy and so very stressed at the same time?!

2 thoughts on “What I forgot from one child to the next

  1. Shroom-Monkey October 15, 2006 / 11:05 pm

    That is awesome! Congrats! You sound sooo proud…. What a good Daddy!


  2. Naomi October 15, 2006 / 6:24 pm

    He doesn’t breastfeed so well, don’t kid yourself…he’s still just sleepy all the time!!

    Oh and the bran muffins? Fabulous. Nice gesture indeed!!


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