That didn’t hurt now did it??? I finally got off my ass and ran!

New Year, new beginnings. (Jewish new year, that is, since it’s September).

This morning, instead of getting up at my normal 6:30am, I got up 1/2 hour earlier, spent 20 minutes trying to stretch out my aching periformus (look it up) and then went for a run.

Yup. A run.

Granted, it was nothing impressive, it was only 10 minutes of actual jogging but it was 10 minutes more than I had been doing before and I wanted to see how my back and left leg felt afterwords.  Maybe all this pain I have been experiencing is being caused by a lack of exercise.

Today I did something that I have been talking about doing for oh, about 5 years now.  No longer can I complain about not losing any of my baby weight.  I actually felt great the rest of today – and even more perky than normal – and I am usually quite perky I must say.

I’m afraid of scaring some co-workers with this new found feeling of pride for starting to take care of myself.

Now if I could only add some free-weights, push-ups and sit-ups to my daily routine…

I know.  One step at a time!


3 thoughts on “That didn’t hurt now did it??? I finally got off my ass and ran!

  1. Jill October 11, 2006 / 11:22 pm

    talking about suppotive to your wive!!! How much did you gain for this baby?


  2. SpeakEasy September 28, 2006 / 1:50 pm

    And by “no ladies”, you really mean my wife.

    Have you two spoken??? lol.


  3. Shroom-Monkey September 27, 2006 / 12:37 pm

    Yeah, you better be running- no ladies want a flabby saggy man- get that bootie in shape!


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