Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I’d Like to do if I Had Time

This week’s Thursday Thirteen comes with less than a month before the expected due date of child #2.  I am already looking forward to my second parental leave as an opportunity to get moving forward just a bit faster on my goals and our family goals.  I am 2 years into my MBA and I know deep down inside that my free time is disappearing fast, and I’ll have enough trouble finishing my courses let alone getting to the 13 things on this list.

But here are the 13 items I’d like to get done before my time gets further shortened as a Daddy of 2.

13.  Lose weight.  I still have to drop the baby weight I gain with child #1, when I would get up in the middle of the night, then eat.

12.  Learn to play the guitar.  I’d love to check out that instrument, have since middle school, when I wanted to own an electric guitar.

11.  Move forward faster on my promotional business.  There is nothing wrong with earning additional income and learning how to speak with people…

10.  Complete a full inventory of the craft / scrapbooking items in our “store” so that we can start selling items online and have them ready for local shows and events.

9.   Ugh.  Read the manual for my iPod to learn how to get the music from the computer onto the iPod and into an order that I like.  Right now I’ve got the same songs over and over again which were on CD’s I uploaded.  I need more music and better music…

8.   Take cooking classes with or without my wife (preferably with her, mind you) so that I can take some of the pressure off when our child is born.  Also, she’s a fantastic cook – getter better by the day – so she might just appreciate the hands’ on experience.

7.   Use my MBA and the time I have off to find a way to get into the private sector where I can work as hard as I need to and be recognized for my effort, work ethic, knowledge and  leadership.  I’ve enjoyed the majority of my time in the government but it’s time to move on…

6.   Add to my professional network.  I somehow made it to my mid-30’s without a whole lot of friends (my fault) and while we’ve made a bunch of friends through Linus’ school and various other organizations however in order to make the jump to the private sector, I firmly believe that I need to network more.

5.   I need to take up a sport which won’t kill me.  Tennis, running, ball-hockey… All sports which my doctor told me not to play all the way back in 1986.

4.   Find more activities in common for my wife, son and I.

3.   Get our house in order finally so it looks more like a home and less like we are renters.

2.   Arrange for a new opportunity when I get back to the office so that I can learn the most before my (hopeful) departure.

1.   Sleep.  I hear it’s going to get worse too when #2 arrives.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I’d Like to do if I Had Time

  1. SpeakEasy September 19, 2006 / 12:44 pm

    Haley – Ceramic painting, eh? Not sure that works for me unless it allows for physical contact, but crafts are something to consider – thanks for the suggestion.

    Penelope – We have the same problem. I’m an active sports guy (or was until the recent injury) and she is the crafty one.

    Shroomie – Roller derby!!! Nice choice. Not sure if there are any “recreational” leagues in Toronto, we might have to come down to Georgia again to give it a whirl. I used to love watching it on TV.


  2. crazymumma September 19, 2006 / 12:12 am

    Good list. How about boxing? Really, it is a great sport, a challenging activity and thoroughly humiliating. Plus you will get into kick ass shape.


  3. shroom-monkey September 15, 2006 / 11:19 pm

    nooo A quality sport would be roller derby! that would kick ass!!!! you can work up a sweat, stay in shape, work off some aggression and wear really hot sexy gear- with your name printed on the butt… think about it…


  4. penelopeto September 15, 2006 / 7:10 pm

    Good list, and good luck. I’m always trying to find ‘activities’ for me and chris to do together, but we are so busy/tired right now that just hangin’ in the same room or going for a walk seems like an accomplishment!
    plus, he would never do most of the things I suggest.


  5. Haley-O September 14, 2006 / 10:57 pm

    Great list, Urban Daddy! As for an activity you and Naomi can do together: a friend of mine used to do ceramic painting with her (ex) boyfriend all the time. They loved it…. they went somewhere to do it. So, it’s an activity that may have to wait till the new baby’s ready for a babysitter. But, it’s kinda cool!


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