Some First Child Musings

Some musings about our first child as he approaches 2-years-old.

I love the honesty of children.  In the past few days Linus has taken to pointing at my stomach and saying, with great enthusiasm; “BIG Daddy”.

The more we laugh together, the more he tries to stress the word “BIG” in that phrase.

I like to reply to him with; “Little Happy Boy”, as I point at him.

He loves it.  It makes me laugh that he’s able to distinguish between little him and very large me.


Months and months ago UrbanMummy bought almond butter at, like $17.99, for Linus to try.  Of course, as gets more and more picky about what he eats, he did not like it.

We tried to give him just a little to try on a piece of toast, but after touching his tongue to it, he shook it off and said, “no” to it.  

I actually don’t like it either.  I like raw almonds, and smoked almonds, and peanut butter, but not almond butter, so we used almost the rest of the jar in a very yummy noodle dish that UrbanMummy created.

Well doesn’t it figure that the other day Linus pointed at my sandwich and he said “Linus, Eat”, (it was a peanut butter sandwich) so I ran downstairs and brought him a piece of bread with almond butter on it and gave it to him.  

Sure enough he ate the rest of the piece and even asked for more.

Too bad we all but finished the jar – had just enough for that one piece.  I think we found something else for him to eat that he likes.  High in protein, organic…

More musings to come. 🙂


One thought on “Some First Child Musings

  1. Angelo September 21, 2006 / 3:47 am

    Linus is the bestest cutest baby ever!!! You and UrbanMummy rock!!! 🙂


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