Tuesday Newsday (an Urban Daddy exclusive)

Welcome to the Tuesday Newsday, an urban daddy exclusive.  In this segment I visit www.google.ca and try to decide who is in their top 10 news makers of the day and why.  Then I follow the link and explain why they really are in the news.

Sit tight!

In the news:

(tough one today – I should continue to do a Tuesday – Newsday regular segment)

Ching Cheong – Any relation to Cheech and Chong? Couldn’t tell you.
(Actual: China yesterday sentenced Ching Cheong, the Hong Kong-based reporter for The Straits Times, to five years in jail on charges of spying for Taiwan). Great… Now they have a reason to yank out his toenails and torture him. Sigh.

West Ham – English soccer team in the news for… winning? losing? scoring goals?
(Actual: West Ham have had “exploratory discussions” about a possible takeover of the club – but insist talks are at an early stage and would not confirm who they have been pursued by). And this is news???

Sydney FC – Another soccer club. No guesses. 🙂
(Actual: Sydney FC has been fined $89,000 by Football Federation Australia for breaches of A-League player contract regulations last season). A lot of stupid sports news… Ae there no wars, hurricanes, or murders to write about.

Electronic Arts – I heard about this… I believe they are adding commercials to their video games. Sure, why not! $80.00 for the video game that you beat in 3 weeks AND commercials too. That is why Linus will not play video games until he is 20.

Roy Keane – Former UK soccer captain accused of fixing games. I think. No idea why he’s back in the news.
(actual: NEW Sunderland manager Roy Keane showed he meant business yesterday when he brought in six new players). And who really cares???

David Wells – Boston Red sox pitcher traded to his hometown, San Diego Padres yesterday.

Glamis Gold – sounds like the name of a rap star. LOL. It’s probably a gold company… I have no idea, really.
(Actual: Goldcorp Inc has agreed to acquire Glamis Gold Ltd for approximately US$8.6 billion in stock). Whew. Talk about being worth your weight in gold.

Tony Blair – British PM in the news possibly because of that new UK film showing the assisination of George Bush. Brits loved it. Americans were appalled. I am puzzled.
(Actual: The current Miss England, Hammasa Kohistani has blamed Tony Blair for spawning a generation of British born terrorists). Oh great, this is what the world has come to. Miss England has an opinion and it doesn’t related to hair, make-up or plastic surgery. Give me a break! Hey missy, I’ll give you some advice. Let Blair stick to politics and you to… well… smiling, waxing and waving. Role reversals usually never work out.

Ryder Cup – Some (yawn) golf tournament. Must be coming up.
(Actual: Europe’s Ryder Cup team moved closer to being clarified on Friday as a result of yet another stupid boring match when some guy won, and a lot of guys lost).

Katie Couric – I think is in the news because a picture of her promoting whatever news show she is now on, cropped her and made her look slimmer. Of course everyone involved is denying knowledge of the incident and “demanding” she be re-promoted (if that’s a word) in her actual size.

So there is the report for this week.  I didn’t do too bad… 3 out of 10, I believe.

What made the news for you on this September 1st, 2006?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday (an Urban Daddy exclusive)

  1. Angela September 6, 2006 / 4:29 am

    Hey!!! Ching Cheong is my cousin!

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?


  2. Haley-O September 5, 2006 / 1:40 am

    Catie Kouric apparently liked the “bigger” photo better– “more of me to love,” she said. 🙂 She’s awesome….


  3. metro mama September 1, 2006 / 11:34 pm

    Hello. Just found you thru mama blogs toronto. Nice to see a daddy blogger.

    My hubby is planning on doing some guest blogging on my site.

    Please feel free to join in on the TO blogger gatherings – they’re not for ladies only.


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