Thursday Thirteen: 13 Random Thoughts from my week…

A pair of fingerless cycling gloves. Model: Sp...
A pair of fingerless, padded, open on the back cycling gloves not meant for an office!!!

Thirteen thoughts on a Thursday by this Urban Daddy:

1. Why does the guy beside me at the office wear cycling gloves indoors? Does he think he looks cool?  When I asked him why he is wearing them, in the office, in the heat of the summer, he told me it was because he burned the back of his hands?!?  Errr… The gloves leave the back of the hand open.  (Scratching head).

2. My periformus is still quite tight but that didn’t stop me from going for a run this morning. 20 minutes this time. And again I had to stop because I had to get ready for work, and not because I was sore or tired. It just takes me so friggin long and hurts so much to stretch it out in the am. I will know when all this running is finally doing something for me when my wife notices I’m getting into a shape that does not resemble a pear.  Right now she often wonders why she lost all her baby weight from Linus’ birth but I didn’t.

3. With two weeks plus a day until baby #2’s scheduled arrival, we are still running around like crazy people.  Is it not supposed to be easier the second time around?

4. My colleagues Mom sent pears for me.  Generally I don’t like pears, but so far I have had one a day.  A very kind gift from a very kind person.

5. In my CD player at the office (read: computer CD Rom drive) is some FANTASTIC jazz from the Clayton/Scott Group. This is some great Canadian jazz and I listen to the darn thing at least 4 times during the day. My colleague’s come by to listen too because, as they put it, this music would be heard in a cafe at night. As well, the Scott in the band is my neighbour, their son is my son’s best friend, and he is a real cool cat too.  As a metalhead, I endorse their CD’s, and strongly encourage my readers to find their CD’s and pick them up – support Canadian music!!!  You wont be disappointed.

6. Some stupid re-upholstery company located in the middle of the Sheppard Centre, with no business cards, no phone number and no clue, managed to convince me to stop and look at their wares.  We have a love seat that the cat destroyed which needs to be done and stupidly, I gave them my phone number and in return they promised to call in December when I was prepared to talk about this with them.  I was shocked to find out that the next day, they called my house 3 times and were really rude after UrbanMummy told them to never call again.  Then they called me at the office. So I stormed out of the office to the mall and ripped them a new one.   Can people really be that stupid?  Well, see #1.  LOL.

7. UrbanMummy and I are taking a first Aid course at Linus’ pre-school tonight.  It’s been a while since I was certified as a member of the Boy Scouts.  Hope I don’t kill the dummies.

8. I’ve been working on orders for baseball shirts, bowling shirts and denim shirts.  I’m slowly surely trying to build up a client base but I think I need to put this stuff on hold, build my network and then bring out the customized goods again.   With #2 weeks away, one year left in my MBA and a new job hopefully in the near future, I can’t do everything.

9. Martha Stewart likes listening to Eminem… This news puzzles me because of what it says, and because of the fact it is news.

10. The more I run, the more I think I need to learn more about nutrition and proper stretching and hydration and running in the winter… Then a good tailor for all the new clothes I’ll need when I get my sorry ass in shape.

11. This morning when my son was eating breakfast, his mother jumped into the shower and my son said; “garage door open?”

I replied; “No, the sound you hear is not the garage door opening, it’s mummy in the shower.”

“Mummy shower?” he questioned.  I nodded yes.

“Garage door open??” he questioned.

“No”, I said. “Mummy shower.”

“Mummy shower??” he said again, this time puzzled.

“Yes”, I replied again, now puzzled myself.

Then he said “garage door open… Rex”.

Rex, you see, is the handyman who is painting Linus’ big boy room, where his big boy bed resides… Waiting for him.

“Rex, paint. Big boy bed?”, he questioned.

Ahhh… He wants Rex to finish his room so he can sleep in his big boy bed.  How cute.  Then the doorbell rang.  It was Rex.  He was here to paint Linus’ room.  He did hear Rex coming and he was trying to tell me.  He’s not yet 2 but I think he’s going to be a smart cookie like his mummy (hopefully).

12. For those of you who know my wife, the ultra-sexy UrbanMummy, you would understand my following comment.  If you turn her sideways and manage to block her obviously pregnant belly, you would have NO idea that she was in her 38th week. She looks friggin awesome. She had her hair done the other day and now she looks even better. A true Yummy Mummy if I’ve ever seen one.  She’s been eating healthy, and looking after herself and #2.  Good for her.

13. Why does the band name “Supertramp” all of the sudden seem so darn funny??


Tuesday Newsday #3

1. Right off the top, in the news today… I jogged this morning. Whew. 2nd time. 15 minutes this time (ok, 14 minutes). Progress.

2. Belindomi – Is that what it is called??? Tie (Tahir) Domi and Belinda (sorry boyfriend Peter McKay – the Liberals offered me a cabinet post and I’m taking it and running) Stronach. Who knew!??! I thought Tie was just a goon (err, enforcer). As for Belinda, well she had tremendous potential for a career in politics, as a member of the Conservative party. Then she whored herself out to the Liberals and now this scandal, and she’s destined for Liberal greatness. That party likes their members to be, shall we say, different. And to think Domi also slept with Tia Carrera. No wonder he was too tired to fight some games. Why, Tie, why? All this came to light in his retirement speech when a reported asked him about it. Interestingly, this has been going on for years but was never mentioned because of the fear that the player of team would backlash and ban either the paper or the reporter from accessing the team. So it was kept quiet… Until he retired. Brutal.

3. Osama bin Jackass (Laden) – Dead, Alive, Dead, Alive. Who knows. Who cares. This son of a billionaire is already famous for being one of the world’s biggest hate mongers. This dude is so hated, he has to run from cave to cave in friggin Afghanistan to avoid having a bomb dropped on his head. I hope he’s still alive and gets captured. I can’t wait to see the line-up of people who’s lives he has made worse, come by and smack his face with a piece of ham (the ultimate insult disallowing martyrdom). And to think people can justify his actions. Inhumane.

As if he’s not pathetic enough, his niece, CNN news is reporting, in an exclusive interview, singer-songwriter Wafa Dufor, is demanding his CIA pension. Whatever! She came to the US to be rich and famous. He’s trying to destroy the US and the confidence everyday people like you and I have about our places of residence. For that, I’d tell him to his face, he is a scumbag.

4. John Madden’s football video game has claimed yet another victim – Add Shaun Alexander to the list of athletes injured the year they appear on the cover of the popular “Madden” football video game, as what began as a coincidence has come to be characterized as a curse. Alexander is the sixth consecutive athlete featured on the cover to suffer an injury that forced him to miss at least one game.
Please, please do NOT put me on the cover is what these athletes should be saying. LOL. Soon they’ll have to start putting mascots on the cover.

5. Joe Volpe – Federal Liberal leadership candidate Joe Volpe, and the MP in our riding, is once again reeling from a scandal related to his campaign. A few months ago, he circumvented a policy forbidding donations from some group by accepting the same donations from their children, aged 2 and under. Once caught, he apologized and continued in the race. A few days ago, Mr. Volpe was accused of having his staff sign up members for the Liberal party in Quebec who did not pay the necessary $10.00 membership fee, or who were unaware or even dead. When brought to his attention, Mr. Volpe blamed the current leader, Michael Ignatief’s campaign as being a smear campaign against him.

Seriously, Joe. May I call you Joe… You’ve been the MP in our riding for the 6 years we’ve lived there and the only time your name comes up is when you need our vote – which I have never given you and never will. Try showing up in the riding sometimes. Try pretending that you work for the pay you get. I’m sorry but based on your record in my riding… I’d rather vote for Belinda Stronach, and that says a lot. Geez, I’d rather vote for Tie Domi!!!

6. Mel (go to hell) Gibson – That Mel Gibson’s a tenacious bugger, isn’t he? The majority of other people – had they been arrested for drink driving, then slagged off all the fucking Jews, threatened to anally rape the arresting officer, claimed ownership of Malibu and then called a female officer “Sugar Tits” – would have just quietly snuck into rehab, apologized profusely and then gone to live a quiet reclusive life living off all the millions of hard-earned Jesus dollars. But not Mel. He has a new film, he compares it to the war in Iraq then publicly disses the US for being involved in that war. Dude… If it’s Jewish people and the US you hate, I’m sure they’ll give you a nice home in Iran. You are just as fucked up as their President.
Please Mel. Go away. Forever.

That didn’t hurt now did it??? I finally got off my ass and ran!

New Year, new beginnings. (Jewish new year, that is, since it’s September).

This morning, instead of getting up at my normal 6:30am, I got up 1/2 hour earlier, spent 20 minutes trying to stretch out my aching periformus (look it up) and then went for a run.

Yup. A run.

Granted, it was nothing impressive, it was only 10 minutes of actual jogging but it was 10 minutes more than I had been doing before and I wanted to see how my back and left leg felt afterwords.  Maybe all this pain I have been experiencing is being caused by a lack of exercise.

Today I did something that I have been talking about doing for oh, about 5 years now.  No longer can I complain about not losing any of my baby weight.  I actually felt great the rest of today – and even more perky than normal – and I am usually quite perky I must say.

I’m afraid of scaring some co-workers with this new found feeling of pride for starting to take care of myself.

Now if I could only add some free-weights, push-ups and sit-ups to my daily routine…

I know.  One step at a time!

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Wonders of the World that I have visited

Mont St Michel
Mont St Michel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Thirteen Wonders of the World from site that UrbanDaddy has visited1. Roman Colloseum
2. St. Peter’s Bassilica
3. Sistine Chapel
4. Louvre Museum
5. Canals of Venice
6. Pompeii
7. St. Mark’s Basilica and Campanile
8. Uffizi Gallery
9. Mont St. Michel
10. Yellowstone National Park
11. Eiffel Tower
12. Niagara Falls
13. Chambord Chateau

Note: Mont St. Michel was the most incredible site I have ever seen,

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