Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things on this Urban Daddy’s mind;

1. I seem to post more Thursday 13’s than other posts because I’m too busy reading some excellent blogs (listed on the side of my blog), namely; UrbanMummy, Penelope and Bumblebee, Haley-o, Shroom-Monkey and the now in hiding Magic Carpet Ride. Keep up the great writing ladies!

2. After our airplane landed Monday night, after a Newark, NJ to Toronto flight, my son, Linus, still awake at 11pm decided to wave and say “bye bye” to every passenger leaving the plane. Almost all of them gave him a huge smile and wave back. That kid is so friggin cute!

3. Poor, pregnant, tired, worn out UrbanMummy! She needs to rest. A lot! But she has a paper to complete for school that she should be working on right now, rather than reading this post. Only 7 weeks to go, and she’s already beat. Although I am now looking forward to some home-birth stories from Penelope as we prepare for our homebirth.

4. Why is it so hard to find people to take all the wonderful business ideas I/we have and put them into place? Doesn’t anyone want to make money anymore? Or I guess everyone is making too much money that they don’t want to have to put in an effort to make more. Why bother?  Then again… Maybe my ideas just suck!

5. Last week we stayed at a family resort about 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto, in Haliburton, called Wigamog. It was at this resort that the Happy Boy slept in a crib in the bathroom – our room was small and this was the only place where he could get peace and quiet.  He was clearly not ready for a “big boy bed” as we thought he might be, but back in a crib in the dark was exactly what he needed for a week of wonderful sleeps.

6. It was also at this resort that the Happy Boy ate and ate and ate. His vocabulary grew as big as his tummy. He communicated better than ever, and ate his weight in cooked veggies. All this while still finding time to throw chunks of watermelon at the table next to us.

7. At Wigamog, UrbanMummy and I played Bocce (she was awesome), tried archery, and I played croquet. The real “highlight” for me was limping off the tennis court after some idiot Dad with a really bad dye job stuck his hockey under my foot resulting in me rolling my ankle. It was during a ball-hockey tournament, and after scoring our teams only 2 goals, I had a breakaway to send our team to the finals when this happened. He thought it was great that I couldn’t play (or walk). They scored seconds later. My ankle/foot is purple and black. Thank goodness I’m already on nuproxin for the sciatic pain.

8. Again at Wigamog, we took the Happy Boy in a kyack for the first time. He loved it. I loved having the family there on the water. Relaxing. Even funnier was listening to him quack at the ducks, and watching him grabbing at the Lilypads.

9. What would be an awesome baby-gift for UrbanMummy for baby number 2? Number one was an eternity band. Need help with number 2, though.

10. Why am I not in bed? It’s late and I need to be at work – as usual – before 8am. Hmmm. Schedule needs re-adjusting again.

11. Just thinking about my wife’s Uncle David who died very suddenly in New York on Friday. It was from the Wigamog, that we went to NY for the “viewing” and funeral. See for more detailed info. He was a gentle man. Always very quiet and very nice. He’ll be missed.

12. At the BINGO hall after the funeral I ate baked beans, sausage, and some crazy-ass breaded chicken wings. I avoided the ambrosia salad and other pork products. I was shocked that there was a reception after the funeral, and that the BINGO hall was standing. It was a decrypted old building in a not-so-nice part of NY where they lived.   When the phrase “youse guys” is uttered, I cannot help but to make a face. I’m very expressive.  This experience was very sad, yet extremely unique.

13. Only 5 more days until my next class begins. Organizational behavior in my MBA program, and trying to at the same time complete the Canadian Securities Course.  I think that will be keeping me plenty busy. Oh, and the coming child.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Deb S. August 31, 2006 / 4:07 pm

    Best wishes to you and UrbanMummy about the baby. How exciting!

    So sorry to hear about Uncle David. He sounds like a very special man.

    Thursday 13 is a cool concept! Keep it going!

    This is my first visit to you site. You’re publishing a great blog. I feel right at home already. Look for me to return often.


  2. Her Bad Mother August 31, 2006 / 3:06 pm

    Just followed you over from your comment at MamaBlogsTO (which I replied to, FYI).

    A thought for a push-present: silver charm bracelet, of the Birks variety. With one charm for big brother, one for new baby, and space for more (not more children, necessarily, gah, but charms – for marking special occasions, accomplishments, what have you…)

    All the best to UrbanMummy as she counts down the final weeks…!


  3. Shroom-Monkey August 31, 2006 / 1:21 pm

    sounds like a good break!

    That baby is coming soon… Hooray…. How excited are you??? Should be interesting seeing how your happy boy adjusts to being the big brother. Patience is the key with that one, and lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses!


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