Hell’s Kitchen

For those of you who know me, you may be aware that I get to watch very little TV due to my hectic schedule which includes; a very pregnant wife, and wonderful son, and recently moved into house, MBA courses, and a small business or 2.

This leaves me little time for, well, sleep, but TV too. I do try and watch a little sports here and there, like the Blue Jays in the summer, and I try and catch a little RAW or Smackdown to appease my wrestling fix. I have found myself oddly attached to cooking shows and to those shows where they fix up houses either as a favour, or to re-sell.

But recently, I found a show called Hell’s Kitchen, and decided it was as lame as all these other reality shows, so I ignored it, until one night I turned on the TV and it was on. I was hooked! I then sought out every minute of every episode I could find and found the concept exciting. I loved the ending and thought Victoria was going to win, not that I wanted her to. I liked Heather better. That idiot Tom, that cut himself on purpose was such an ass. He got what he deserved. “I can’t take orders from women”, he said. Hello… Loser… it’s 2006. I hope that sweaty fucker never gets laid again, unless it’s by his own hand. Grrrrr.

Can’t wait for season 2.

And for hockey season. GO LEAFS GO.


3 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen

  1. chef ramsay August 19, 2006 / 12:45 am

    It was “Virginia”, not “Victoria”. Now get the fuck out of my kitchen you half-wit!


  2. Caron August 18, 2006 / 1:02 pm

    I’m not a TV watcher since I’ve got grad school going and find that my time is better suited to watching documentaries from Netflix and having my head stuck in a book; and have never heard of Hell’s Kitchen. It was funny, however, to see how much you got into the characters and the emotion the show elicited in you. A well placed F@#k can be very effective. 🙂 You made me laugh.

    Thanks for your response on my blog. It’s nice to see a guy show up now and again. 😉

    Congrats on your pregnancy!


  3. herbalYODA August 18, 2006 / 1:15 am

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