It’s only Monday a.k.a. Is he sleeping yet???


Day one with the Nanny on holiday and I thought the Happy Boy was exhausted enough to sleep by his bedtime, 7:30pm, but boy was I wrong.

You see this morning the Happy Boy woke up at 7am. Of course. I had the opportunity to sleep in today. I arranged to have Baby Proofers, come by to see how safe, or un-safe our house is for the Happy Boy, and the kitten. The earliest appointment they have is 10:30am. I start work at 8am, so I arranged to have them here for 10am. Happy boy ruined my sleeping plans.

So today, he went to camp with UrbanMummy, then after a short nap, went to the park with the lovely and talented Haley-O and her irrestible Cheaty Monkey. More running around, so you think he’d be tired, eh? Nope.

The Happy Boy probably couldn’t sleep because he was having dreams of Monkey. You see the Momerazzi caught shocking picture of the Happy Boy kissing the Cheaty Monkey in the tunnel in the park. My little player. Then as Haley and Monkey were leaving, the Happy Boy started throwing kisses and saying “bye bye”. Cutie.

So after dinner, outside for more fresh air, we come in and give the Happy Boy a bath, afterwhich he got some milk, 4 books and bed… where he proceeded to wail. We tried more books… Nope. More milk… Nope. He didn’t eat dinner, so we offered him a lot of food, no dice. Since the UrbanMummy is suffering from a bad back, I took Happy Boy to the vet, grocery store, then to another grocery store, but as I left the driveway, I decided to drop him off at Gramma and Granpa’s. They played with him until 10pm when I picked him up. He was tired. Still whiny, he got more milk, then right to bed. He has not budged. I’m going to check on him. BRB.


One thought on “It’s only Monday a.k.a. Is he sleeping yet???

  1. Angela July 27, 2006 / 3:48 am

    Happy Boy sounds so cute! I love family stories. You and Urban Mummy are very lucky!


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