What’s up with…

X-Ray Technician’s?? Hello, insert personality here —->.

I went to my family doctor this morning to discuss my still achy back, and the fact that now I’m in pain 100% of the day in my back and left leg, and after examining me, told me to be patient and keep stretching, oh, and take these pills (anti-inflamatory).

My doctor also sent me for an x-ray and made an appointment for a CAT scan (meow).  So once the appointment was finished, I gathered up my stuff and make my way to the basement of the building and entered into a large waiting room full of no patients, two Russian x-ray technicians and a very grumpy receptionist.  I stand at the front, by the door, while the receptionist grumbles at me, then after a BIG yawn, the male x-ray tech says to me, in the most bored tone ever, “Come with me please”.  (We have ways to make you talk.  LOL).

I followed him down a hallway, into a secret passage down another hall and into a small cubicle where I am supposed to disrobe (“leave your underwear on”) and put on this blue dirty looking robe with the opening in the back and “follow me”.  So after undressing and trying to figure out why it is necessary for my ass to hang out, I walked into the main room where both tech’s are playing with the laundry. I stand there waiting and waiting. 

Eventually, since I did not go away, the tech takes me into the x-ray room and I go to sit on the table but realize that it is REALLY cold, and I have to lay on my back. Brrrr. So the x-ray guy tells me, like I’m a friggin moron, that I should have I tied up the back before walking out.  Apparently he thinks that I have really long arms and can tie up 2 inch ties behind my back… Let the ass hang out.

So after becoming a contortionist for 15 minutes, he says to me, “Wait here while I check the pictures”, to which I gleefully reply, “Okey-dokey… Take your time!!!” He was not amused and grunted something in return. Great, now he’s going to give me extra harmful rays. I’ll glow in the dark.

So once it was all painfully over (pun intended) I began to gather my personal belongings when onto the floor fell my glasses, wallet and clothes on the floor.  Since it killed to bend over I figured (hoped) that “Sergei” would help me by picking them up for me, but instead, he just looked at me, and I had to bend over and pick them up myself.

I can only imagine an x-ray technician’s party. They must be REALLY wild…

Hey… I can see your femur. lol.

And they probably glow in the dark…


5 thoughts on “What’s up with…

  1. Shroom-Monkey July 19, 2006 / 12:04 pm

    I believe it is in the contract- Hospital workers are supposed to be uncaring and heartless. Seriously if all you dealt with day after day was people in pain could you maintain your sense of compassion or would you just become a shell. I worked in a clinic and I hate to say it after a year I had lost all caring for others. Every shot, when people would flinch or children would cry my inner thought was ohhh shut up. It is the job- it wasn’t you so don’t take it personally…


  2. crazymumma July 18, 2006 / 2:01 am

    x ray technicians are a strange crew…thankfully you have never experienced a mammogram….funny blog you have, thanks for visiting mine. Anne


  3. Jill July 16, 2006 / 1:42 pm

    Ok, the technitains you’ve got were kind of a-holes. Like it is so hard to try to be nice. Next time , make me a sign, I would sent the last one I,ve did get, he was nice!
    And don’t forget, for your back, to lift HappyBoy with the knee, not the back


  4. SpeakEasy July 15, 2006 / 2:48 am

    Yoga, eh?? Hmmm. I mentioned that to UrbanMummy since she should be doing some pre-natal yoga any time now. I just might have to pick your brain. It’s basically the sciatic nerve running from lower back to toes. From picking up and carrying a 27 pound happy boy and from all my ball and floor hockey. Sucks to get old. lol.


  5. Haley-O July 14, 2006 / 9:20 pm

    Oh…I’m sorry you’re in so much pain! I’m a yoga teacher–maybe I can help. And, Sergei’s a pathetic excuse for a human, let alone an X-Ray technician….No one should be like that!


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