When a Blog crashes down, it pays to know how to fix it… But I don’t.

English: Government notice describing the duti...
English: Government notice describing the duties of those granted land on Yonge Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know where to begin.

Maybe this past Thursday July 6th, 2006, after I posted my Thursday Thirteen and somehow managed to screw up my HTML coding – so people have told me – and the layout of my blog went berzerk.  I just wished I knew how to fix it.  I like to write but I’m not so great with the technology-side of blogging.

I asked my wife for her thoughts (she is awesome with computers but HATED that I referred to her as my “cyber geek” –  which I honestly thought was a compliment for someone like her who knows so much about computers – and she basically said, “Yup. Your blog is really messed up”.

Thankfully that consultation was free!  I knew she wouldn’t have the time to fix it for me.  She’s really busy.  Well, she’s always really busy and I think she’s tired of fixing computers that I destroy, so lesson learned indeed.

Then I reached out to a fellow Toronto blogger, and her response was pretty much the same… My blog is really messed and she has no time right now to help either.  Damn.  So for the time being, until I find a way to fix it myself, I will just have to come to grips with the fact that every time I look at my blog, I’m going to worry that my 3 regular readers will think I know nothing about HTML, well that would be right! So there!  I said it first.

Blogging aside, the rest of my Thursday was spent selling our scrapbooking supplies (embellishments mostly) from our online business www.theembellishmentstore.com at a warehouse sale of one of our suppliers. While we did not make that much money over the 4-days of the sale, the networking was GREAT.  Met some potential new customers and  a couple of potential new suppliers.

Always interesting at these types of sales are the number of people who accept cash and do not charge the tax.  I find it interesting because we have always charged the tax – as an employee of the CRA, not doing so could lead to immediate termination – so I always presumed that we would generate less sales than other businesses, however I guess people like the honest folks, and I have yet to see someone walk away when being charged tax.

Friday night’s dinner with my family had some significance this week as Linus had his first taste of a beef burger and at 18 months, ate almost 1/4 of his burger.  I always hoped he would come over to the dark side and eat meat, however he has no taste for it and now that he’s eaten it, I’m okay that we eat a predominately vegetarian diet.  I’m still not so sure about the hormones and stuff they inject into animals these days…

After dinner, once Linus was asleep and the kitchen was spotless, we went upstairs to our bedroom in order to do what ever other couple does on a Friday night – homework!   I have a case study due for one of my graduate school classes, a quiz in another class, an assignment and an essay due on the 10th (today).  Once I send off the last of those tasks, I have to get moving on a major 12000 word essay and begin reviewing for an exam in 2 weeks.  My wife, on the other hand, has 3 papers all due this week.  I feel bad for her because she is also working very hard on completing her Masters degree and her and stress do not mix well. They are quite the volatile pair.  Add to that, she is 6 months pregnant, feeling like she is 16 months pregnant, and you guessed it no time to actually rest and relax.

The rest of the weekend was not so relaxing either, mind you.

Saturday we went to my in-laws cottage for their 40th Anniversary party which they threw together themselves on short notice.  No other family was invited and I think there was an expectation that we would put Linus in a room, with his toys, and that he would be able to stay there and play quietly without disturbing the guests.  See my previous comment about stress and apply it up to my mother-in-law.  I asked if that was true and if so, we would happily stay home – there is no reasonable way an 18-months old would be able to play quietly on his own for 2-3 hours.  Especially our son.  And as for keeping all the toys together in one place… Another non-starter.

So we arrived at the cottage with a very tied and cranky Linus who forgot to nap on the way up, and there were a lot of people who we did not know, which was fine, however my in-laws cottage is for them, not baby-proofed in any way so I always get nervous leaving Linus to walk around in there.  My father-in-law always says to me’; “what’s the worst that can happen?  He breaks something.  It will teach him to not touch something like that again.”  I would always say that I’m not concerned about him breaking stuff, but getting hurt touching something or having something fall on him.  What this ultimately means is that we have to watch him carefully every moment he is inside, and of course being a waterfront cottage, every moment he is outside too.  It becomes a LOT of work.

To top things off, my in-laws like to prepare certain foods for parties which my wife – their daughter – would never touch so while everyone is eating salads with goat-cheese or BBQ chicken, my wife is eating raw veggies and has to make her own salad.  Considering her current state of pregnancy, she needs me to help make something and I’m a pretty terrible cook.

More stress.

So we came back from the cottage Saturday night about 9:30pm, put Linus to sleep in his crib, then came into our bedroom to do more homework.  My wife nodded off at midnight and I turned out the lights at 2am.  Very typical nowadays.

Sunday morning began with my wife’s suggestion to finally unpack the rest of the boxes from our move 6 months ago.  That kept us all busy until the Yonge Street festival began – living so close to Yonge street sure has it’s benefits.  We took Linus for a walk and he got to go on some rides, see the performers and eat.   We stayed cool with Chocolate Chillers from the Second Cup, and we bumped into our neighbour and her always happy son, and the 5 of us made our way up the street to various parts of the festival.

Linus kept asking to go down to walk, until he realized how hot it was, then he wanted back up into the stroller so he could lay down and have a nap.  It was too hot and really who wouldn’t want to be pushed around in a stroller in the heat!

After the festival, we walked home, Linus and his mummy took a nap, and I went back to pick up the rest of our goods from the scrapbooking sale.  When I came home, my mother came by to Linus-sit so we could grocery shop and upon walking into our neighbourhood Dominion – 3 houses over from us – I immediately realized that the person right inside the door shopping looked VERY familiar.  It was Haley-O from The Cheaty Monkey.  I pulled my wife aside to confirm with her this was in fact the much sought-after Haley before I said something (which I was going to anyways) but with super-hero like hearing, Haley came over to us instead. I immediately realized that she is much cuter in person than the pictures on her blog, and she is REALLY nice. Her daughter, if you have seen some of the many pics on Haley’s blog is adorable too, and at just 6 months younger than my boy… Hmmmm.

I like friendly local bloggers. Now I know 3 of them.

So we left Haley, finished shopping then came home to cook dinner for my wife’s friend and her son when we blinked and it was 9pm.  Linus’ bedtime is 7pm, so we ran upstairs for a super-fast bath, book and bed for him, then back to homework for us.  Tonight was better for me and not so great for my wife as we both packed away our books at 1am.

This week is going to be the week from hell with all the assignment and both of us down quit a few hours of sleep.  At least I had some time to blog this insane weekend and the fact that I managed to fix my blog HTML problem all by myself and it only took me 2-hours.

Off to do some more homework!  Thanks for dropping by!


One thought on “When a Blog crashes down, it pays to know how to fix it… But I don’t.

  1. Haley-O July 11, 2006 / 3:13 am

    You guys are CUTER!!! 😉 Thanks, SE! It was so great meeting you guys in person, and even shaking your hands. It was bizarre–like “bzzz”–when we shook hands. It was like the moment ciber turned officially to reality. 😉

    I hated when that used to happen to my blog template….I always save a copy of my template–I copy and paste it into a word file. Then, if anything goes wrong, I just paste the copied template into the blogger template (make sense?).

    Sounds like a crazy weekend. And, my monkey can out-eat your lil Happy Boy, it seems! 1/4 of a burger?? My monkey eats a whole one, and would probably eat more…! For now, anyway!


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