Sports Post: Toronto Maple Leafs make no sense. World Cup coming to an end.

Aubin, Toronto Marlies
Aubin, Toronto Marlies (Photo credit: mattclare)

So the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed 6foot7 defenseman Hal Gill,  another puck-moving d-man in Pavol Kubina and former goalie star Andrew Raycroft… I’m not sure what this means for the team.  They already have 2 solid defenseman in Tomas Kaberle and Bryan McCabe, and a bunch of young up and comers who need to play and develop like Jay Harrison, Ian White and Niklas Kronwall.  How are these 4 going to split the ice time now?

McCabe and Kaberle already play 30 minutes a game, so if Gill and Kubina play 20 minutes then it’s going to be hard to develop the next level of “d” when they are playing less than 10 minutes a game?   I’m certainly not a professional, however common sense tells me that these kids are not going to play a lot which means they won’t be able to help the team and they won’t have enough NHL exposure to be a tradable commodity either.

If I were the GM. Domi, Belak and Antropov would have all been history last season.

As for Raycroft… why not.  If he can still play then it’s a bonus, but why did the team sign Aubin?  And where does all this leave Tellqvist? Back on the farm?  He can’t be happy about this.

Same old Leafs making same old questionable decisions.

As for the World Cup, I was very disappointed to see Italy advance to the finals only because I don’t like the way they play. They dive a LOT and my best-friend is Italian so I have to root against them, right?  😉

Since I only watch soccer during the world cup, I can only talk about the sport and the teams based on what others have educated me about, but I do know that a Portugal, Italy final would be great for this city considering the large population of Italian-Canadians and Potuguese-Canadians here. But who would I vote for them??? I love both communities. A draw, maybe? 🙂


One thought on “Sports Post: Toronto Maple Leafs make no sense. World Cup coming to an end.

  1. penelopeto July 17, 2006 / 3:13 am

    so, i just found you, otherwise, i would have been commenting a lot sooner. do urban parents not care about hockey? are we not canadian? anyway, i am so with you on the domi/antropov thing – belak may be a pylon, but i have a soft spot for him. not that that helps our team.
    not sure about raycroft; could be a mistake. watch eddie turn around some team like the coyotes or something…


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