We adopted a kitten for our son (and ourselves)

Kittens. Crazy. But who knew? I certainly didn’t.

This past Sunday, which happened to be father’s day, we took our son to the humane society and picked out a kitten for him. We had three cates (they came with the wife) until 2 of them died, both within the past 6 months and both at great ages.  One was 19 years old and the other 15 years old.

Having only one cat turned out to be very odd for me after spending 6 years together with three of them.  As Urban Mummy put it, “the cats to people to square foot ratio was very good. Now, not so good.”

We got this kitten to help the ratio and because Linus loves cats.  He named his own kitten Owen.  We’ll call him that too…

Well Owen, is crazy. After 3 days, he wont leave me alone. While I was working on my laptop, the little critter was doing laps of my head, running around my neck sometimes stopping to look me in the eyes. Then he followed my feet around. Stopping inbetween them, trying to stay close in case I left the room, or so he could get a good run at my shins. Crazy.

At 2 in the morning I could her the rattling of the cat toys as they moved from one side of the bathroom across to the other. He was playing. Awwww.

He’s a little cutie!!!

Welcome to the family, Owie!


2 thoughts on “We adopted a kitten for our son (and ourselves)

  1. Jill July 4, 2006 / 2:19 pm

    Yup, cats are crazy. One of the cats I have own was mad as hell. He did follow his shadow on the wall, accomplish to bit my underarms and his favorite toy was my hair. but at the same thing he was the only one that was able to stay in the house( i am allergic to some cat)


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