Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Urban Daddy dislikes

1. Grafitti. If you want to paint things, get a job for student painters. I paid a lot of money for my house and don’t appreciate your “artwork” anywhere near it. If I did, I would have hired you.

2. Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. YUCK. Texture, taste, everything.

3. Fighting unfairly. If you want to fight, do it above board. Hitting below the belt makes you a coward. If you feel that engaging in fisticuffs is the only way to solve a problem, fight fairly.

4. Skinny Women. Like really skinny, I can see your bones. Gross. Eat some food!

5. The word “Stupid”. No one is stupid. No one deserves to be called stupid or referred to as stupid. Doing so makes you, well… The opposite of smart.

6. Racism. Why do people have to make fun of other people because they look, talk, or thing differently. What make YOU so special. Last time I checked, as humans, we were ALL the same.

7. Monopolies. Why do some companies get to charge an arm and a leg for things without any checks and balances. See oil companies and banks. Is a trillion dollars profit a quarter not enough??

8. Bad sportsmanship. Being competitive is a very good quality. Bad sportsmanship really is unnecessary and just makes you look like an ass.

9. Pushy people. Take a breather. Not everything can get done this minute. Some things take time and require patience.

10. Needles. Yuck. Say no more.

11. The Golden Girls. That show drives me crazy. I cringe when I hear the music.

12. House, and techno music and stuff like that. If it sounds like one really long song created by a computer, it’s not music.

13. My aching back. It’s keeping me from playing sports, and putting on my socks and shoes.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Jill July 4, 2006 / 2:30 pm

    I hate it when some people treat themself of stupid. We don’t know all the things there is to know, but everyone has thier own kind of intelligence.
    ANd when did it became a standard for 50% of the women to wish to have a weight under their healty wieght. If i wanted to se ribs, I’ll buy ribs at the food market.


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