Hey, that was my idea… Now what?

English: A solution consists of: plan, rationa...
English: A solution consists of: plan, rationale, idea, and insight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tough situation here:

It’s not like I’m new in the workforce or new to the organization that I work for – the Canadian Revenue Agency – but I’ve been here for 8 long years.  I am also 2 years into my MBA so I can now add the academics behind how an organization works to compliment my practical experiences.  I’m especially good at getting the most out of people.

This situation happened to me today and it blew me away.   I was at a total loss until now, but I’ve decided to just let it go, because I’m a team player and to be honest I don’t need to toot my own horn because the quality of my work speaks volumes.  Today, however, after spending quite a while trying to solve a complex matter with my team leader we found a solution based solely on a concept from one of my graduate school classes.  The professor in that class worked in the public service in the US so his views were interesting and relevant.

Later that day, I came across my TL holding court among a bunch of people when I overheard him speaking about the problem and they telling everyone my solution but misrepresenting it as coming from him.  He even said that not only did he come to the solution but her researched it and  reviewed it too.


But here is where it got even more interesting… Obviously he did not know I was there, and he had made a factual error on one part of his explanation so I corrected him.  Do you think he’d stop at this point???  Nope.  Instead he  just kept on embellishing the story to make it sound even more impressive.

I wanted to speak up, but I had to leave.

If you have to depend on someone else’s thoughts, words or writings to make your own life interesting that’s fine, just give credit where credit is due because if you’re found out to be a phony then you lose your credability.

What would you have done?  Remember this is a unionized environment…


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