Happy 5th Anniversary

Whew. This July 1st represents 5 years of being married to the most awesome woman I have ever met in my life, and I’m not just saying that because she will probably read this. I am very much blessed. We have a wonderful child together and another one on the way. I owe her credit […]

I’ve been tagged Part 2

5 THINGS: 5 Things in My Refrigerator:1% milk for my cereal fetish – yumCheese – goes on everything! Except meat.Ketchup – essential for grilled cheese, potatoes and eggsSour cream – low fat for the awesome french toast UrbanMummy makes 5 Things in My Closet:Many, many custom dress shirts by Maxwell the tailor, because I have […]

Long live the Whale

It finally happened. Long Live the Whale. The Hartford Whalers have won the Stanley Cup!!!! They did it, of course, in disguise, dressed as Carolina Hurricanes from that hockey (NASCAR) hotbed of Carolina. First Tampa Bay, then Carolina. OY. What is the NHL coming to??? What happened to the Black Hawks, Leafs, Bruins, Rangers, Habs […]