How CUPE lost their way…

WOW. CUPE figured out how to solve 50 years of Middle East unreast. I guess the thousands of dollars they take from their member’s pay each year was put to a good cause, if that cause was to alienate their Israeli or Jewish members.
CUPE has NO right to pick sides in this dispute. In my eyes, they are supporting Hamas, suicide bombings and child abuse. No child should be brought up with explosives strapped around their waste, waiting to kill other people. Did CUPE think about that? Obviously not.
As a union member – albeit a reluctant one because I disagree with the need for unions in the year 2006 – I am disgusted with this and DEMAND that the senior union leaders resign immediately. The “power” has obviously gone to their heads. Unions are no longer needed in this day and age, but in effort to “earn” their salaries, the need to justify their existance.
This isn’t the 50’s anymore. CUPE wants to be political, then they should go to the Middle East and see what it’s really like, live there and see that both sides want there to be peace, but there are fanaticals on each side who stir up all the trouble.
Our tax dollars wasted. Our union dues wasted. I want my union to make sure every employee in the organization gets an even shot at promotion. They can’t even do that. What a joke.
Sid Ryan, you and your union have gone too far.
You suck!


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