Where has the time gone? A February update

WMD world map
WMD world map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just over 6-weeks into our new life as parents and again, time has flown by in every sense of the word. Not only are we starting to get into the swing of things, but it’s getting easier to wake up and get back to sleep, for me that is, possibly due to exhaustion, but my poor wife cannot get back to sleep so easily. This causes some concerns around middle of the night feedings because I’m falling right back to sleep and she’s… well, she’s not.

I’ve also taken over the primary task of diaper changes, no issues here, because my wife is no where ready to get back on her feet yet. The long labour and difficult birth (aided by forceps) has really done her in. She doesn’t look well or feel well. Poor thing.

I have no issues with the poopy tasks at all. Of course, no matter how much I try to get him changed in record time – thank you cloth diapers – I’ve been pee’d on once and the bed has been soaked twice. lol.

We’re also thankful that in the last month before the arrival of Linus, my wife’s super-powers kicked in which allowed for the planning of his bris (ritual circumcision) and a freezer of prepared meals. We also bought a kick-ass all-terrain stroller which I’m using for walks with him.

Speaking of walks… Why is it that he stays awake the entire walk but the second we’re back inside in the warm, he zonks out?

And thank you to Starbucks for the free drink, my first such perk for having such a cute little boy in the stroller. 🙂

In world news:

I see the UN released a report identifying that there is killing, torture and rape of civilians in Sudan’s Darfur area and the UN is calling for those accused of carrying out “war crimes” to be put on trial. My thoughts are that the UN (an organization I have no use for) is again missing the boat and if they know something is going on they need to have it stopped right away and someone needs to step in and prevent this from becoming a genocide. I have my doubts that will happen, sadly.

Wal-Mart closes a store in Jonquière, Quebec in response to what a company spokesman says are unreasonable demands from union negotiators. The union was close to winning the first ever labour contract from the world’s largest retailer and now they’re all unemployed. Poor decision, workers.

On Feb 10th, North Korea announces that it has developed nuclear weapons for its self-defense, and suspends participation in multi-nation talks to discuss its arms program.  This situation is not going to end well, as long as their “dear leader” is still loving the high life while starving the people, something has to give!

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