It’s about time!

Today, the first legal same-sex marriage took place, in Quebec when two guys, one named Michael Hendricks, married René Leboeuf in Montreal.

I have always wondered when this was going to become commonplace and I suspected it would occur as my generation got older.

I mean, who decided that “marriage” was supposed to be a bond between a man and a woman only, and why does the rest of the world have to follow this age old tradition.

Regardless of sex of any party. if two people want to marry, then they should be allowed to be and should receive the same benefits of “traditional” married couples.

Personally knowing a male and a female couple who are in committed long-term relationships, I think they would mae awesome parents and raise kids free of the stereotypes we pass along to our kids.

Yay Canada! One more reason you are a kick ass country!!!


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