What happened in February that may come back to haunt the world in the future

I’m still trying to get a hang of this blogging thing, so I decided to set off into the world wide web and find out what happpened in February, 2004, that may come back to haunt the world, other than my 33rd birthday.

Here are my thoughts… It will be interesting to look back at them;

February 3 – The CIA admits that there was no imminent threat from weapons of mass destruction before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This cannot be good. People in the US are already starting to gain sympathy with the Iraqi’s and get on Bush for taking it to this extreme. Flatterining the mountains in Afghanistan in search of Bin Laden – still cool – Iraq… Not so much. hope this gets resolved quickly.
February 4 – Facebook was founded at Cambridge, Massachusetts. From what I hear, Facebook is a cool way for grads to stay in touch with each other and is a viable alternative to classmates.com, which sucks. Or will this be another flash in the pan? I say huge success!
February 6 – A suicide bomber kills 41 people on a metro car in Moscow. I cannot see the Russian putting up with this stuff as long as the West has… I pity the fools…
February 7 – Several leaders of Abnaa el-Balad are arrested in Israel. And with that the bombing will not stop, until either Israel shares the land or the rest of the world realized how volatie this situation is over there and stops imposting snactions on Israel every time an Arab blows them selves up.
February 10 – At least 50 people are killed in a car bomb attack on a police recruitment centre south of Baghdad. The inmates are really running the asylum… This is not going to get bestter any time soon.
February 10 – The French National Assembly votes to pass a law banning religious items and clothing from schools. This is France’s way of stemming the tide from the influx of Muslims who have brought their culture and Sharia law to France. It won’t work, other than to isolate France from the Muslim world.
February 12 – San Francisco, California begins issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in an act of civil disobedience. (Standing ovation). Who made up the term “marriage” and why does it have to involve man and woman. If 2 people… any 2 people – love each other and want to make a lasting bond, let them. It’s not for me to judge… Or for you.
February 13 – Athens gets hit by a major blizzard which blankets the entire city for days, causing widespread havoc. LOL. Global warming?!? Whatever!
February 13 – Scientists in South Korea announce the cloning of 30 human embryos. Oh oh. Slippery slope coming here. I can see the moview now.
February 20 – Conservatives win a majority in the Iranian parliament election. By “Conservatives” I hope they are referring to the folks who care about big business and not just another bunch of idiots who fund terrorists and lie about nuclear weapons.
February 26 – The United States lifts a 23-year travel ban against Libya. Cool. But why? A leopard never changes it’s spots… I’ll bet you by 2010 Cuba will not have the same luxeries. I wonder what the US wants from Libya.

So that wasn’t bad.

Any comments?


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