Are Your Family Conversations Just Like Ours? I Somehow Doubt It.

I’ve always wondered if other families have the same conversations that we do at the dinner table. Take last night for example.

I brought up the fact that I caught a glimpse of Avril Lavigne’s new song and video called “Hello Kitty.” I thought the video was terrible but the song was worse so I turned it off after about a minute. I guess after watching a nude Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball, how could I possibly compare…Hello... Kitty

My daughter then piped up with this; “Mummy. Can I have a Hello Kitty costume?”

“Sure” was the reply, “If one exists.”

“YAY!!!” she screamed.

“… and I want a Kane costume too. I’ll be you didn’t think I was going to ask for one of those, eh, Daddy? Kane’s my FAVOURITE wrestler. He waves his arms and sets fire to things.”

Kane, aka the Devil's favourite stepchild


In a world of princesses, my princess is Princess Leia.
In a world of princesses, my kid wants to be Kane.
She’s cool.

2 responses

  1. My girls like John Cena and Daniel Brian. But only one of the girls like Hello Kitty!

    (My favourite will always be Kevin Nash)

    FYI —

  2. Ahh, Big Daddy Cool. The kids just see him as old nowadays. I understand how she could like Kane, but it’s Kane… She wants to be him when she grows up… Yuck. LOL.

    Now Cena and Bryan… Those guys are role models!

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